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An Update from Our Global Head of Talent Acquisition

An Update from Our Global Head of Talent Acquisition

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calendar11 March 2021

COVID-19 has transformed every aspect of our working life, bringing uncertainty to growth plans for many companies across the globe. What has this meant for internal hiring across recruitment? 

We spoke to our Global Head of Talent Acquisition Victoria Hancock to learn more about how COVID-19 has disrupted internal hiring within talent acquisition. She talks us through the huge range of roles currently open at Xcede Group, as well as how communication across teams has evolved over the past year and how recruitment companies can plan for recovery. Read Victoria’s thoughts below.

Changes to Business as Usual

COVID-19 shocked the global recruitment market. However, we are lucky to have experienced internal growth over the past year that is reflective of the expansion we want to see as a group going forwards.

Speaking to Victoria on how important growth is for Xcede Group is right now as we continue to the ‘new normal’, she notes that growth is paramount.

“Hiring is a big priority for us right now. We are assessing the changes that COVID-19 has brought with it and are looking at them in a really positive way.

There is some exceptional talent in the market right now, and it has given us a lot of opportunity to bring outstanding talent into the group.”

We Are Hiring: A Snapshot

Currently, Xcede Group has over 30 internal roles open across the globe. From researcher to senior consultant to Associate Director, the list spans a range of levels as well as a range of locations. Current roles span locations across the globe including Singapore, Dallas, London, Spain, South Africa and NYC: so get in touch if you have relocation in mind.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the many internal roles we have open across our six practices.