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Xcede Group and APSCo Asia Partner to Drive Positive Change in the Recruitment Industry

Xcede Group and APSCo Asia Partner to Drive Positive Change in the Recruitment Industry

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calendar20 March 2023

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Xcede Group and APSCo Asia, two leading organisations in the talent and recruitment industry. This collaboration will focus on four key areas: Public Policy, Talent Development, Events & Market Intelligence, and Global Strategic Partnerships.

1. Public Policy:

Together we aim to help shape public policy and regulations in the staffing industry across Asia, with the goal of fostering innovation, growth, promoting fair competition and protecting workers’ rights. To be a voice of the industry and advise governing bodies that regulate part of the landscape. 

2. Talent Development:

One of the partnership’s main focuses will be raising the standards for talent development and expert support to APSCo’s members. Expanding the talent pipeline and initiatives to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the industry. APSCo Asia is currently in its relevant infancy with exciting growth plans for 2023 to expand presence in other areas across Asia. 

3. Events & Market Intelligence:

To keep industry professionals up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, there will be numerous in person and virtual events to discuss and share insights on the strategic direction of macroeconomics, employment law and events such as International Women’s Day. Our very own Andrew Dodd is on the panel of the upcoming event on the 8th March, discussing gender equality in honour of International Women’s Day.

4. Global Strategic Partnerships:

By leveraging the global networks of Xcede Group and APSCo Asia, the aim is to create joint ventures with other leading organisations in the recruitment industry to help collaborate on initiatives and foster growth across Asia. Driving progress for the industry as a whole. 

“We are thrilled to partner with APSCo Asia, it's an exciting opportunity for us to work together creating new opportunities for talent and businesses alike. It reinforces Xcede Group’s commitment and dedication to driving progress and shaping the future of the recruitment industry, further establishing us as a leading organisation in the sector.” - Andrew Dodd, Managing Director, Xcede Group APAC

The partnership between Xcede Group and APSCo Asia represents a significant milestone for both organisations, and we are committed to work together to achieve our common goals. 

If you're interested in learning more about Xcede Group and how we're driving positive change in the recruitment industry, visit our website.

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