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Xcede Group Appoints Adam Marsh as CEO

Xcede Group Appoints Adam Marsh as CEO

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calendar17 April 2023

​We are pleased to announce that Adam Marsh will transition into a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role at Xcede Group. As of 2016, Adam has acted as our Chief Revenue Officer and has been instrumental in driving the growth of our business, particularly during the organisation’s merger in 2020, and building strong relationships with our clients.

Adam brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role, having worked in the recruitment industry for over 25 years. During his time at Xcede Group, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and strategic thinking, which have been crucial to our success.

As CEO, Adam will be responsible for leading and managing the strategic direction of Xcede Group, driving growth and profitability, and ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality talent solutions to our clients.

Adam's appointment is a reflection of his significant contributions to the success of Xcede Group and his steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in everything he does. He has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams, driving revenue growth, and developing strong client relationships.

We are optimistic that under Adam's leadership, Xcede Group will continue to thrive, and we will remain the go-to talent partner for the technology and energy sectors.

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